Stand/Off in Lumiose: Black Album is the official soundtrack for the now-defunct 2014 fanfic Stand/Off in Lumiose. It consists of music from over ten different artists, many of these songs linked to scenes in the books.


Scene Song Artist Runtime Link
Main Theme Let Me Sleep David Julyan 2:41 (link)
Prologue Night at the Opera David Arnold 3:04 (link)
Darkest Gengars Dream On Aerosmith 4:22 (link)
Jayson Released The Old Farm House Alan Silvestri 2:30 (link)
Bonecrusher/Mall Attack Paranoia (My Enemy) Hans Zimmer 4:49 (link)
Jayson/Emma  Let Me In GROUPLOVE 4:00 (link)
Down to Business Fame David Bowie 4:16 (link)
Jayson's Death Roads Untravelled Linkin Park 3:44 (link)
Delta's Theme General Zod Hans Zimmer 7:22 (link)
Essentia vs. the Masked One Ready, Steady, Go Paul Oakenfield 4:17 (link)
The Final Plan Gimme Shelter The Rolling Stones 4:37 (link)
Ending Silhouettes Of Monsters and Men 3:51 (link)