Stand/Off in Lumiose
StandOff in Lumiose
Author Canadian Infernape
Activity Date July 5th, 2014 - December 2014
Genre Suspense/Drama
Source Material Pokemon
Reception Positive
Rating T - M

Stand/Off in Lumiose was a 2014 fanfic written by The Canadian Infernape, which focuses on two different Pokemon shippings, Amourshipping and Growingupshipping (Trainer x Emma), a first for Canadian. It is now cancelled.


Lumiose City is in lockdown, its citizens in danger from a dangerous criminal gang running the city, and Ash and co. are not immune to the dangerous streets. However, when a bewildering event occurs, Ash and his friends must depend on each other like never before to survive the violence within the city.

Meanwhile, Jayson is becoming a regular detective at the Looker Bureau with Emma/Essentia, they and their partnership are getting quite famous within the city. Their partnership becomes tested as they are assigned by the Lumiose Police Department to take down the criminal gang.

Writing History

The Canadian Infernape, already having mixed reactions about his fanfics, with the failure of his previous fanfic, was ready to try something different.

With this fanfic, instead of focusing on actual shippings and romantic plots, Canadian decided to make Stand/Off a fanfic 'focusing more on the action, while leaving romance as only subplots', a different approach from Dream Mist. Writing began and the first chapter was released on July 5th, 2014.

It had since been cancelled, deleted, and replaced with the Pokemon Evolution trilogy, although some elements from Stand/Off had been incorporated in Pokemon Evolution.

Main Characters

Canon Characters

  • Ash Ketchum - Pikachu, Hawlucha, Frogadier, Fletchinder
  • Serena - Fennekin, Pancham
  • Clemont - Chespin, Heliolisk, Bunnelby, Luxio
  • Bonnie - Dedenne
  • Emma/Essentia - Mimi (Espurr), Crobat, Malamar
  • Officer Jenny - Manectric

Original Characters

  • Jayson - Charizard, Greninja, Garchomp
  • Officer Dylan - Piplup, Manectric
  • Officer Matt - Grotle, Growlithe
  • Police Chief Thomas Blaine
  • Central Darkest Gengars Members
    • Delta (leader) - Gengar, Noivern, Haxorus
    • Pudge - Banette
    • Rickety - Crobat
    • Rated X - Lucario
    • Oscar - Tyranitar
    • Bonecrusher - Rhyperior


Stand/Off in Lumiose: Black Album is the official soundtrack of the fanfic, with several
StandOff in Lumiose Black Album
songs from various musicians such as Linkin Park to Of Monsters and Men, most taken from other movie soundtracks.




  • A character from Dream Mist, Police Chief Thomas Blaine, makes a bigger appearance in this fanfic.
  • The character Jayson is a representation of Calem, a reference that you can give a name to the trainer in the games.
  • This fanfic is supposedly a 'gamechanger' for The Canadian Infernape, and for the ZCU, the Zangerhangar Climatic Universe.
  • This is one of the least romantic fanfics, this one focusing more on action and mystery, rather than romance, as Canadian has previously said romantic fics are his weak point.
  • At least 16 chapters have been confirmed for Stand/Off in Lumiose.
  • This is one of few, if not the only fanfic to include Growingupshipping (Trainer x Emma)

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