Que Sera, Sera
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Author The Canadian Infernape
Activity Date TBA
Genre Romance, Drama
Source Material Pokemon
Reception N/A
Rating K+ - T

Que Sera, Sera is a planned fanfic by the Canadian Infernape, and the first Geekchicshipping fanfic written by Canadian. 

It is a reboot of a previous Amourshipping fanfic, Dream Mist, which was considered a failure for Canadian Infernape and the ZCU.


Clemont discovers that Serena is terminally ill, and cannot be cured. As she lives her final days on Earth, Clemont and Bonnie accomplish a series of acts to be sure Serena fulfills her wishes before she dies. Throughout their activities, Clemont realizes his feelings are different from what he really thinks.

Main Characters

Canon Characters

  • Clemont
  • Bonnie
  • Serena

Differences from Dream Mist

Several differences in this reboot were announced in this fic, many changes were focused on fixing the structure of the Dream Mist story, for example:

  • Que Sera, Sera will NOT be an Amourshipping story, as many have believed at first announcement. It will instead feature Geekchicshipping, or Clemont x Serena.
  • The story will NOT consist of three acts, like Dream Mist. Instead, it will be less than ten chapters long (prediction) and will run shorter than Stand/Off in Lumiose.
  • Ash Ketchum in this story has been lightened down to a supporting role, and he will stay in Kanto upon hearing the news of Serena.
  • It will not be written from a third person limited POV, instead being a first person view of Clemont.


  • The title is French for "Whatever will be, will be."
    • It is also a reference of a Doris Day song of the same name, as well as a similar Hannah Montana song.
  • Canadian Infernape wanted to write the reboot story about Geekchicshipping rather than the preferred Amourshipping in order to "widen perspectives".