Dream Mist
Dream Mist - Act 1 Cover
Author tigersndragons
Activity Date Act 1: March 13, 2014 - April 16, 2014
Genre Romance/Supernatural
Source Material Pokemon
Reception Mixed to Positive
Rating K+ to T

Dream Mist is a cancelled, three-part, 2014 fanfic written by The Canadian Infernape, and is the first Pokemon fanfic of tigersndragons. As of far, only one part of the story has ever been written.


Ash Ketchum decides to retire from travelling, seeing every place he has seen. However, after a shocking event, Ash deals with a future of misery and dreams.


Act Release Dates
Act 1: Dreams March 13, 2014 - April 16, 2014
Act 2: Love Cancelled
Act 3: Lies



Reception to Act 1: Dreams was mixed to positive. Many people rated the story positively for good writing, characters in the story staying true to the canon, and an innovative idea. However, most of the criticism lay on Serena's death being rushed, the often OOC themes, (including a scene where Ash attempted suicide coping with Serena's death) and lack of character from the adult characters.

Even the author himself admitted that Act 1 could've gone much smoother had more time and effort be put into the fanfic.

Review Reviewer
"Real dark, real quick." SacredZ
"OMG, my heart just skipped when I read this chapter and got really intense w/ the drama. keep it up." yuangreen23
Not going to cry, not going to cry, not going to-
This story is just to freaking awesome!"
"Act 1 could have been so much more, had we planned more time for these stories, rather than releasing three chapters in one day." The Canadian Infernape


Main Article: Que Sera, Sera

On August 1st, 2014, a reboot for the doomed project Dream Mist was announced; The first chapter has been announced for release on December 20th, 2014, just in time for the Christmas season.


  • Several inspirations of this fanfic include taeuknam's Serena's Death, LittleMissMidnight's When Those Sapphire Eyes Shone, and the Pokemon Dream World.
  • The Canadian Infernape cancelled the story because of the bad writing in the story, as well as a lack of ideas.

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