The Canadian Infernape
# of Stories 3 (as of September 1st, 2014)
Activity Date September 2013 - present
Preferred Sources Arthur, Pokemon
Preferred Genres Drama
Known for Dream Mist

 The Canadian Infernape is a fanfiction writer known in the Arthur and Pokemon fandom, and has worked on several projects such as Arthur fanfiction Battle Royale Retribution and Pokemon fanfic Dream Mist. He joined on September 2013.


Currently Working OnEdit

Title Status Source Material Genre Release Date
Battle Royale Retribution Hiatus Arthur Epic/Drama September 20, 2013
Stand/Off in Lumiose WIP Pokemon Suspense/Mystery July 5, 2014


Title Status Source Material Genre Release Date
Dream Mist Cancelled Pokemon Romance/Supernatural March 13, 2014


Title Status Source Material Genre Release Date
Que Sera, Sera Planning Pokemon Romance/Supernatural December 20, 2014
Supernova Planning Arthur Action/Epic TBA
The Winter Soldier Planning Calvin and Hobbes Action/Adventure TBA
Battle Royale 3 Planning Arthur Epic/Drama TBA
Pokemon Evolution: The Darkest Ocean Planning Pokemon Action/Suspense February 5, 2015